Kite rush Zombie crush -v3.6

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when it was fun playing kite, suddenly the kite thread broke, flying so far in the wind. running around chasing a kite until I haven't managed to meet it.

one night in a dream, the kite was stuck in a tree. it turns out that the tree is the only one on the planet g.

the kite has had a long dialogue with the tree. the tree asks for help to deal with various kinds of zombies.

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help play the kite, help the tree survive.

How to play:
Touch slide Kite point to various kinds of zombies

Kite rush Zombie crush -v3.6 Free Apk Download

Kite rush Zombie crush-v3.6 Apk Download

Apk Download com.gsiput.kiterush Android App

Kite rush Zombie crush

package id com.gsiput.kiterush
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Catgory Action
version 3.6
Kite rush Zombie crush-v3.6 Apk Download

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