Kitten Chaos -v1.0.12

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Kitten Chaos is a mobile game filled with action adventure and kittens!
You are a tiny kitten with one thing on you mind, a little chaos! Navigate through different worlds and do what cats do best, push all the things off the shelves. Push plates and cups off the kitchen counter, knick-knacks off the book shelves toothpaste and soap off the bathroom counter. Start with any of the easy levels at your own pace and work up to more challenging medium and hard levels with increasingly less space to complete your goal of getting rid of all the objects. Every object and golden mouse gives you coins to spend to collect more adorable kittens to add to your collection! Power ups like the Invincibility Balloon and Catnip, to slow down time, can help with those crazy hard levels. Help your kitten to explore the 4 unique worlds and 48 levels and with unlimited lives already included you can play as long as your chaos causing heart desires.

Kitten Chaos -v1.0.12 Free Apk Download

Kitten Chaos-v1.0.12 Apk Download

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Kitten Chaos

package id com.woodenpicklegames.kittenchaos
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Catgory Action
version 1.0.12
Kitten Chaos-v1.0.12 Apk Download

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