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Knife Design Ideas Application is an application that contains a collection of knife ideas with a variety of unique and interesting shapes.

The following are various types of knives and their uses.

A Multipurpose Knife (Chef’s Knife)
This knife is called a multipurpose knife because it has a very diverse function, ranging from cutting fruit or vegetables, slicing meat, chopping cooking spices, and many others. Generally housewives prefer this multifunctional knife because it is considered practical and does not need to change knives.
Slicing Knife
The second is the slicing kinife. This knife is almost similar to a multipurpose knife but has a thinner and narrower design. As the name implies, of course this knife works to get the slices as thin as possible so that the shape is neater and orderly. Oh, yes, this knife can also be used to slice fruit or vegetables you know.

Paring Knife
Furthermore, there is a carving knife or in foreign languages ​​called a paring knife. This knife is not very often used in cooking activities, only occasionally used to carve fruit or vegetables that are displayed as decorations or final decoration on the main dish. The shape is also small and curved, so it is quite flexible when used to make carvings on fruit or vegetables. If one time you see a carved fruit or vegetable that is very beautiful, there's no doubt about it, the fruit is carved using a paring knife!

Large knife (Cleaver Knife)
Well, if this one knife is very commonly used by butchers in the market. Yes, the name is a large knife or in a foreign language called a cleaver knife. Having a sturdy handle, a wide surface, and a hefty weight, this knife is used specifically for mincing meat, cutting or dividing chicken bones, cutting vegetables, and also crushing garlic before chopping. Even because it is often used by professional cooks from China, this knife is often called the Chinese Chef Knife. Many also call it a meat knife. Wow, the name is very diverse.

Utility Knife
Furthermore, there is a utility knife that has a design similar to a multipurpose knife, with a slightly smaller size. Its function is also similar to a multipurpose knife, which is used to cut or slice all cooking ingredients, ranging from vegetables, fruit, to meat. These knives are often found in the kitchens of houses.

Vegetable Cleaver
Having a shape that is almost similar to a butcher knife, this vegetable cleaver is commonly used by professional chefs and has a special function for cutting vegetables. Then, what distinguishes this knife from a butcher knife? Well, this special vegetable knife has a much sharper blade compared to a meat knife.

Hopefully this application can help and can provide inspiration for you.
This application you can use without using an internet network or offline.

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Knife design ideas-v2.0 Apk Download

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Knife design ideas

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Knife design ideas-v2.0 Apk Download

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