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On this occasion I will try to tell about the style of bonsai which is much liked by bonsai fans and masters in the world,
Alright friends bonsai, Bonsai plants are plants that always have a small or miniature size from the original shape of a large and tall tree.

There are many types of styles in bonsai art that can be understated by the correct method of pembonsaian, now at this time I will explain or tell you what and how many styles or names in each senibonsai that we have.

Plants do have a lot of functions. Besides being used as an oxygen supplier (through photosynthesis process) plants can also be used to decorate the room, decorate the garden and a means of expressing one's artistic spirit. Now as a connoisseur of art, plant art can not be separated from the attention of kulo This art does not use inanimate media (painting, sculpture etc.) but uses plant media (which is a living thing).

One of the famous plant art is Bonsai 盆栽 which means planting (sai, 栽) which is done in a shallow pot called bon (盆). Where does Bonsai come from? Japan. Emmm … Is that true? Actually, It can be right and wrong. That's right because bonsai is Japanese and Japanese bonsai are very popular in the world. Incorrect because this art originally came from China called Penjing (Pen means pot and jing means view or landscape so Penjing means landscape in pot).

In China itself, Penjing as the origin of Bonsai has various forms such as Penjing tree, Penjing scenery, Penjing water & stone, etc. (for further information please check on Wikipedia or other sources).
Why is bonsai attractive? According to kulo bonsai is interesting because bonsai is beautiful and full of philosophy.
Beautiful just look at the shape. Bonsai has an elegant form, not chaotic and high art
Full of philosophy Bonsai art is different from other arts because in my opinion bonsai is actually a living thing. Bonsai will not always have stems, twigs, leaves and roots that freeze completely. Even if the growth is slowed down and stunted, there will still be changes in leaves, twigs and roots. Bonsai won't be exactly the same forever.
The pictures in the application presented display bonsai designs from various styles and various countries, which you can imitate and add to your bonsai art of course.

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Know The Art Of Bonsai-v1.0 Apk Download

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Know The Art Of Bonsai-v1.0 Apk Download

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