Ladder Climer -v1.01

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Ladder climber is a casual action game that you can play with simple touch and flick operations.
Touch the screen and climb up the ladder.
Two ladders are arranged in parallel and can be moved to the left or right by flicking.

Because you can play in a short time, it is perfect for digestion of free time, killing time.
(Of course, even playing for a long time is fine)

Along the way, various enemies and obstacles such as slime, bats, flames, hammers, huge drills, etc. are obstructing. Please climb up the ladder while avoiding them.

Stages are randomly generated each time you play.

If you tap the screen continuously, you can climb up quickly, but if you make it too fast, it will be easier for you to hit the enemy, so be sure to keep track of when it should move and when it should stop.
(There are times when you have to stop your life)

A bomb is falling along the way, and when picked up, the blast spreads in a circle, and you can defeat the enemy.
And you can get coins according to the number of enemies blown away.
Coins will also appear around the ladder, so please pick them up in a reasonable range.
(It is easy to become game over if you overdo it)

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If you use coins to continue, you can resume the game while maintaining your score even if the game is over.
This allows you to meet new games while improving your score.
(This game is designed to change the appearance pattern of the enemy as the score increases.)

The score is also recorded if you do not continue, so you can also challenge how far you can go in a one-shot match.

You can also use coins to add or change BGM.

There is also a time attack mode, which allows you to reduce the time it takes to earn 150 points.

Ladder Climer -v1.01 Free Apk Download

Ladder Climer-v1.01 Apk Download

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Ladder Climer

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Ladder Climer-v1.01 Apk Download

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