Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes -v1.0.49

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Burst your passion for combos, enjoy your gameplay in Japanese manga style, find the light in chaos with Heroes in the time of Kingdoms! Be the knight to protect what you love and chaser of glory in this Arcade Fantasy Fighting RPG game.

The world is in chaos and people are put on fire. Brave heroes of Kingdoms step out to fight against evil and restore the order. It is a time of legends, a time of lost and brawl. Only the true warriors can face the cruelty in the frontier and rescue the victims sobbing in darkness. Experience the unstoppable clash of arcade fighting! ◎SPLENDID ARCADE COMBAT TOE-TO-TOE◎
Easy wipe or slide to move, auto combo to free your hands, the only problem is the perfect time to switch heroes. Full screen combat with gorgeous special effects, the powerful strike will raise your adrenaline with combo figure going up.

50+ most famous heroes stand in a line ready to fight, recruit them along the exciting adventure! Upgrade their skills to different levels and unlock enhanced combo sets; awaken them to new appearances with new action styles and more power; find the bonds between heroes and build up collaborations to deal with various kinds of situations.

PvP arena, combat trial, summit duel, hero legend, war commander, these are all well-designed PvP contents allowing you to test the unit collaboration with real players, as well as special free resources to exchange rare items. Only the best guardians can pass the final test and claim the ultimate reward.

Recruit 10+ female characters of different styles from loli to mature, date them everyday with their favorite gifts in the palace of girls and set them on fire! Unlock different emotions, gestures, costumes and befriend the most beautiful ladies in Three Kingdoms.

Cooking system supplies you with energy while training cooking skills; collect costume frags during fights and then dress up your girls; go to hot spring to meet random heroes and get surprising gifts; search codes in game and decode to unlock achievements; find treasures by sending your heroes on Odyssey.

Fight in the best beats and enjoy the slash of endless combo, adventure with original Japanese CV voice of all heroes, never will you feel bored in this game!

Find the friends of future, enjoy the time of present, change the history of past. You will make a big difference in Light in Chaos: Sangoku Heroes!

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Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes -v1.0.49 Free Apk Download

Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes-v1.0.49 Apk Download

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Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes

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Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes-v1.0.49 Apk Download

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