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LottieFiles provides all the tools you need to create, design, edit, test, render and/or display Lottie animations for all your motion design needs.

Find the right animation to use in your apps, websites, social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), blogs, design prototypes and design workflow tools (Figma, Adobe XD, After Effects, Workflow, Sketch, Canva, Framer X, Protopie), social messaging platforms and more. 

What are you waiting for? 

Bring motion to design today! Visit https://lottiefiles.com/ to find out more


Lottie animations are:

– A JSON-based animation file format

– Used by designers, developers, marketers and others to build the best apps, websites, webpages, blogs and brand content

– Used as animated characters, screens, logos, reactions, vectors, icons, in-app guides, stickers, social media posts and more

– Lightweight, infinitely scaleable and never pixelates (it's smaller than a PNG and GIF!)

– Simple to use, no design or coding experience required (Yup, use it the no-code way)

– 600% smaller than GIF and 10x faster to ship

– Amazing, simple and easy to use for interactive UI and UX 


Access FREE Animations

– Search the largest collection of free-to-use Lottie animations created by the best animators

– Find amazing creators and animators, and interact with their work – Get inspired and build your collections of animations

CREATE Animations

– Easily animate logos, icons, and vector graphics

– Create animated sticker packs for WhatsApp and Telegram

– for iOS, Android and web

EDIT Animations

– Using the Lottie Editor

– Apply your brand or seasonal colors to recolor animations

– Edit animation speed, background, text layers and colors

CONVERT Animations

– Convert SVG icons or illustrations to Lottie

MANAGE and TEST Animations

– Store your own animations and view them anywhere

– Preview and test your animations

– See comments, likes and downloads of your animations

– Push Lottie animations from Adobe Animate and After Effects in a single click to test


– Export Lottie animations as dotLottie, JSON, MP4 or GIF files

– Share your Lottie animations to your team

– Use animations on your mobile device with the LottieFiles keyboard extension

– Share your designs directly from LottieFiles to your Instagram stories

– Share animated stickers on WhatsApp and Telegram

LEARN about Lottie

– Read posts written by leading designers, animators, and developers

– Watch free online courses about Lottie animations

LottieFiles – Animate & Design -v2.8.30 Free Apk Download

LottieFiles - Animate & Design-v2.8.30 Apk Download

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LottieFiles – Animate & Design

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LottieFiles - Animate & Design-v2.8.30 Apk Download

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