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Louhan fish is a type of freshwater fish this one is very easy to attract attention. This is because of its unique shape and not like fish in general, so that many people try to show off their pet's uniqueness and magnitude.
Louhan fish are well-known because of the jenong in their heads. In fact, its uniqueness lies not only in its jenong. There are also other things that interest the louhan hobbyists.
From its color, louhan has many interesting variants and tends to change along with its development. For those of you who have maintained it since childhood, it will be very easy to see interesting color changes.
While in terms of ease of breeding, louhan fish is included in the type of hybrid fish that can breed with other fish while still in the Cichlidae family. So you can get the types of louhan fish that are unique and different from the others.
On the other hand, because Louhan fish is a hybrid fish, it is not susceptible to disease. So that maintenance is also considered quite easy and hassle-free and even more surprising is the selling price is very high so that it can be cultivated as a business area or get money.

Louhan Fish -v1.0.0 Free Apk Download

Louhan Fish-v1.0.0 Apk Download

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Louhan Fish

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Louhan Fish-v1.0.0 Apk Download

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