MAD Race Zombie Shooter -v0.99.3

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-arcade racing and zombie shooter in one game!
-a lot of guns
-tuning and upgrading cars – improve the strengths of cars and eliminate their disadvantages
-each car, in addition to the main weapon, has 2 unique abilities (spikes, turret, mines, flamethrowers, rocket launcher and many others)
-a set of unique skins for each car, transforming cars beyond recognition
– hardcore boss battles
-game developed by one person and I hate writing these texts

Everyone you meet on your way will try to kill you. The roads are full of crazy racers who are ready to smash your car to smithereens, and resources will have to be pulled out of the clutches of zombies in abandoned territories.
Vehicles – your only ally in the zombie apocalypse. Choose your car to your taste – from a light buggy with a turret and machine guns, to a huge truck with a cannon and a rocket launcher on the body! And do not forget to take a gun with you, in case you have to leave the car. It will help clear the way.

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Avoid red barrels and head-on collisions! This is all you need to know to get started.

The game is almost ad-free and works without Internet. Nothing will distract you from the road battles and shootouts!

MAD Race Zombie Shooter -v0.99.3 Free Apk Download

MAD Race Zombie Shooter-v0.99.3 Apk Download

Apk Download com.BuggyGames.MadRaceShooter Android App

MAD Race Zombie Shooter

package id com.BuggyGames.MadRaceShooter
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Catgory Action
version 0.99.3
MAD Race Zombie Shooter-v0.99.3 Apk Download

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