Manic Mine! -v1.0.9

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☆ Mineral mining ☆
 -You can mine minerals such as copper, silver, gold, ruby ​​and diamonds step by step!
 -Touch the screen to operate the mineral device and feel the taste of mining minerals!

☆ Mineralwork ☆
 -You can complete the mined mineral with a jewel after making it on a handwork machine!
 -Upgrading your crafting equipment will shorten your crafting time and increase your jewelry sales!

☆ Safe ☆
 -Completed jewels are stored in the safe!
 -You can check the number of jewelry, materials, and minerals in the safe!

☆ Mission ☆
 -Consume the gems needed for missions and earn gold and experience!
 -If you level up by earning experience points, you can perform activities according to the level (such as opening new gems)!

☆ jewelry sale ☆
 -Earn gold by selling jewelry!
 -Jewelry uploaded by other users can also be purchased in gold!

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☆ jewelry steel ☆
 -You can set the password of another user's vault and steal the gem!
 -If you set the password for the safe, you can acquire gems or materials possessed by other users!

☆ Costume ☆
 -You can craft costumes using materials!
 -My character changes when I equip my costume!

☆ Hot Place ☆
 -This is a place where you can ask for help such as jewelry sales, jewelry still, mission help, or go to help other users!

Manic Mine! -v1.0.9 Free Apk Download

Manic Mine!-v1.0.9 Apk Download

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Manic Mine!

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Manic Mine!-v1.0.9 Apk Download

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