Maxhaust -v3.8.8

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Important Note: This app is designed to work with Maxhaust Sound Booster

Sound Booster with Sound Module
There are unlimited number of profiles to setup and configure.

Following Settings can be made for each Profile:
• (NEW) Idle volume and Dynamic volume are now separately adjustable
• Idle RPM
• Dynamic RPM
• Engine Start Sound/ power start
• (NEW) Simulated Rough idle RPM
• (NEW) RPM-Dependent Volume Control (RPM-DVC)
• (NEW) Overrun-Dependent Volume

Following features are only available with the Maxhaust Sound Module:
• (NEW) Equaliser Function: Bass, Treble, Intensity, Distortion
• (NEW) Backfire / Misfire
• (NEW) More than one Sound! The Maxhaust Sound Module comes with several Sounds from V6 to V10. More Sounds can be downloaded in the future via the update function

Additional features:
• Profiles and Sounds will be adjusted in the app via Bluetooth Low Energy. Comfortable and fast.
• Profile selection is done via the app as well as original car buttons
• Demo mode
• (NEW) Product customization and remote service via the app
• Free Sound Booster/Sound Module software updates
• No download limit when changing car
• (NEW) Save the configuration before updating
• Drive Select Mapper (if supported by the car). Original driving Profiles of the car can be used and configured
• Automatic detection of the External Sound Modules such as Maserati, Audi, Porsche or Maxhaust Sound Module

These features are only available with the Maxhaust Sound module:
• (NEW) The Maxhaust Sound Module is the only Module on the market that supports up to four Speakers. Outside, inside or in the engine compartment. Perfect sound in every situation.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]

Maxhaust -v3.8.8 Free Apk Download

Maxhaust-v3.8.8 Apk Download

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Maxhaust-v3.8.8 Apk Download

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