Mayhem Battle – PvP Major Gun -v2.1

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Play the original Gun Shooting Mayhem game where the goal is to stay on the island without getting knocked off. Choose your weapon or champion wisely so that you can knock your opponents off. Grab creates to to get firearm upgrades.Now you can fight with your friend or fight a higher ranking in this stick gun shooting game.
The major of mayhem is shooting the enemies off the small arena map enough time to progress. There are dozens of levels for you to challenge.In this major action mayhem arena ,your gun, your glory.Gun Major Battle Mayhem is back. Battle with friends or vs other player. Battle the AI or with friends in high octane arena fights with up to 4 players. Revamped cartoon art style gives you more action, less fluff.
Play the ultimate gun platformer, shoot'em up game sponsored by Iway Game Studio. This game is similar to Super Smash except for Bros all the firearms. Double jump like a ninja and grab the creates to find new weapons. The goal is to knock your opponent off the map by any means. That included using TNT explosions to send them flying!Take part in crazy battles with scary creatures! In Gun Major Shooting Mayhem 2, you will have to shoot down opponents to push them off the map. Jump up and down to change positions and protect your warrior.
Gun shooting Battle Mayhem is a high octane arena style versus game! Battle with or against AI and friends alike in this cartoony platform shooter.

Game Features

⚔ 50+ unique champion with 5 fire modes. Master them all and defeat your friends
⚔ 10 brand new maps built with strategic gameplay in mind
⚔ Try the all new Domination Mode for a twist on the classic combat strategies
⚔ Supports up to 4 players at once
⚔ Utilize over 60 different firearms
⚔ 12 diverse maps to fight on
⚔ 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense
⚔ Campaign mode includes coop option
⚔ Customizable characters

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Mayhem Battle – PvP Major Gun -v2.1 Free Apk Download

Mayhem Battle - PvP Major Gun -v2.1 Apk Download

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Mayhem Battle – PvP Major Gun

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Mayhem Battle - PvP Major Gun -v2.1 Apk Download

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