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The year is 2167 and you have just been accepted into the training program for the Earth’s Elite Robot Force. The training is hard and not everyone has what it takes to be a winner. Do YOU, soldier? Time to suit up.

You start off as a rookie mech pilot with only basic weapons, fighting a single robot enemy. But don’t be fooled, things get harder from here on out. Over the course of 60 missions, from inside tech laboratories to outdoor war zones, you will face a growing horde of enemy robots with a single purpose: to kill you. These robots are relentless and only YOU can save the world. Hone your skills, upgrade your weapons, and kill them before they kill you! Are you up for the challenge, soldier?

Along the way, join other recruits from around the world, or team up with your friends in an all-out battle royale to become the ONE TRUE CHAMPION!

Full Game Features

• Fully operational and interactive cockpit computer.
• 60 missions in large free roaming maps with destructible scenery.
• 12 un-lockable weapons.
• Online multiplayer, lone wolf and team modes.
• Streaming stereo radio system with thousands of stations to tune into.
NOTE: Free demo is feature restricted, for all features get the full game.

Immersive VR

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When played in VR mode the game is deeply immersive. You have a highly detailed full body avatar and can look around in your cockpit and see your own virtual controller slaved to your real world controller. Great effects and fully spatialized audio further adds to the immersion.

Hybrid App

MechZ is a hybrid app and can be played on these device types:
• Standard Phones.
• Standard Tablets.
• Phones running Google Cardboard.
• Phones running Google Daydream.

Controller Compatibility

MechZ can be played with the following control types:
• Daydream VR controller.
• Phone or tablet touch screen.
• Bluetooth Gamepad.
• Bluetooth Keyboard.

MechZ VR Demo – Robot mech war -v16_2019-6-11_14-28 Free Apk Download

MechZ VR Demo - Robot mech war-v16_2019-6-11_14-28 Apk Download

Apk Download com.silicondroid.mechz_google_demo Android App

MechZ VR Demo – Robot mech war

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version 16_2019-6-11_14-28
MechZ VR Demo - Robot mech war-v16_2019-6-11_14-28 Apk Download

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