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Welcome to the US military training academy of the military commando training games. Get US army basic combat training in the military school games and join US military. As a real trainee army cadet of military force training school, get physical fitness training from the platoon instructors in the military obstacle game. Pass the army military obstacle course on the army base and become a fearless army commando in the US military commando training games. This basic training or boot camp in the new army training game 2020 is just a BCT (basic combat training) or initial entry training for new cadets in army games. This US army training school game is a newest action game for the military training school games.
Be ready as a trainee officer for the army basic combat training in the boot camp for US army cadets training game. Have assault course army basic physical and mental training in the free army training game to be a soldier in the US Army. To be fearless commando or master soldier, you must complete the US army combat training mission and the stealth missions of the boot camp games. Army training games for boys has a craziest parkours obstacle course for the combat training exercises. This special operation forces course teaches marine soldier secret agent skills and elite agent skills to a real trainee cadet in the cadet training school game.
Military training camp in the special force training game gives military obstacle course us army combat training for many army posts. By playing obstacle course games, practice running fast, climb sky high mountains, swim in high frozen water with the survival skills of the soldiers training games. Mental disciplinary and push-up position is the hardest part of army training games 2020. Become a one-man army with marine soldier skills by army school for obstacle course in the new real army training game. Compete with topmost world armed forces like Pakistan, China and India country forces. Become a best world armed forces soldier with the help of the obstacle courses games for us army training.
Army training school games Features:
• A craziest obstacle course than other obstacle courses
• Enjoy realistic military training by the US military camp
• Many new and challenging commando training levels
• Amazing US army high school training life in army camp
• Realistic military challenges for the forces of USA
• Real army training 3d game for army officers training Game
• Training of army with army school & obstacle games
• Win obstacle race in training games for us army games
• Smooth gameplay of the army commando training games
• Engaging music for the combat training in military games
Hurry up! Download this Military Obstacle Course – Us Army Training Game now. Experience brand new realistic action adventure of obstacle course army basic training with the army training games. Clear the commando battalion test of the national guard military academy in the military obstacle course game. Be a national guard of the country army after clearing intense obstacle course of the army and military training school game.

Military Obstacle Course – Us -v1 Free Apk Download

Military Obstacle Course - Us -v1 Apk Download

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Military Obstacle Course – Us

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Military Obstacle Course - Us -v1 Apk Download

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