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Mind My Assets Mobile integrates with Mind My Assets Web online. Set up a complete list of all your assets – vehicles of any type, motors, pumps, electrical appliances … in fact there is no restriction! The important information on any asset you can think of can be kept in Mind My Assets.
The calendar interface on the website will keep you focused on past and future events.

Store important information:
* Oils & Fluids Used
* Capacities (Fuel tank, engine oil, differential etc.)
* Horsepower, tare weight, important statistics
* Engine number, chassis number, serial number etc.
* Registration information
* Insurance information
* Depreciation information
* more…

Log Book
* Log all your travel – start & end location (using google maps if you like), distance travelled, driver

Running Costs
* Enter your fuel & oil top up purchases – photograph your receipts

Record all the details you need about repair jobs:
* When it happened
* Who did the work
* How much you paid
* What was done
* What parts were needed

Quality Control & Preventative Maintenance Checklists
* Create a checklist for daily, weekly, monthly, annual inspections of vehicles, machinery, stationary motors .. whatever you have that needs regular checking.
* Set up asset-specific checklists.
* Make it easier for you and your people to perform the quality control needed to run your equipment efficiently.

Spare Parts Lists
* Keep lists of regularly used parts and their part numbers
* Keep alternative part numbers where applicable
* Keep lists of suppliers

Service Packs
* Set up "Service Packs" of fluids and parts required for your regular services. E.g. Tractors 100 hourly service pack
* Use service packs to speed up data entry for regular services

Run the app in "Demo Mode" to see how it works. View demonstration data & records.

Mind My Assets -v1.0.0.28 Free Apk Download

Mind My Assets-v1.0.0.28 Apk Download

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Mind My Assets

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Mind My Assets-v1.0.0.28 Apk Download

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