Mindotrax – magnetic robot pla -v0.99f

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Mindotrax is a hazardous environment exploration robot on a mission to retrieve precious Tau-saumethium crystals from a planet with extreme levels of volcanic activity and extensive ferrous metals in its crust. Mindotrax is highly agile and can magnetically latch on to metallic surfaces and race along them at any angle.

To succeed, Mindotrax must battle against a range of organomorphic robots and avoid countless dangers.

Range of difficulty levels to accommodate younger children but also challenge experienced gamers.

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Control Mindotrax using any of the following options:
– Touchscreen;
– Move Mindotrax using an attached keyboard and shoot via touchscreen, mouse or touchpad;
– Xbox-style dual stick gamepad.

Mindotrax – magnetic robot pla -v0.99f Free Apk Download

Mindotrax - magnetic robot pla-v0.99f Apk Download

Apk Download com.JP2games.Mindotrax Android App

Mindotrax – magnetic robot pla

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Mindotrax - magnetic robot pla-v0.99f Apk Download

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