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As the name implies a swimming pool is a place or artificial means for swimming. If in the countryside or areas close to the waters swimming activities can be carried out in rivers, times, lakes, and even the sea so that urban areas far from the waters of the swimming pool are the right means for swimming.

In building a swimming pool both private and public there are several things that must be considered starting from security, privacy, purpose of use, budget, to the beauty and scenery around it.
This swimming pool is usually built on the back or side of the house to maintain the privacy of the homeowner. In designing a swimming pool, make sure you use the destination first. Is it special for swimming or also used as a location for events such as birthdays because the design is certainly different.

Also complete the swimming pool with good chair seats to just relax looking at the pool and the surrounding scenery and chairs for sunbathing on the edge of the pool. Also try to do greenery around the pool like planting trees to beautify the scenery and refresh the atmosphere. The design of a small indoor pool for example 10 × 20 meters is suitable to be applied to a minimalist home, either 1 floor or 2 floors.

Not only luxury homes, minimalist homes with a size that is not too broad, namely 10 × 20 or 200 square meters can also be equipped with a swimming pool. The way is to build a house with 2 floors so that there is more land that can be provided for making swimming pools. Here is a minimalist swimming pool design.

Minimalist swimming pool desig -v4.0 Free Apk Download

Minimalist swimming pool desig-v4.0 Apk Download

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Minimalist swimming pool desig

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Minimalist swimming pool desig-v4.0 Apk Download

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