Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission -v1.0

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Mad Bog was a Gambian gang that engaged in kidnapping, murder and other criminal activities led by Abba who goes by the alias, "Potash." The gang was based in the Mansa Konko and was involved in many crimes in the areas. The gang was also known for abducting people from Serekunda and Barra. Armed forces conducted multiple operations against them, all of them ending in smoke.They held first operation in 2010, that continued for three months without getting the required results. The gang used light and heavy weapons procured from North Africa, including an anti-aircraft gun.In March, the Gambian Army launched an operation named Operation heroja against Potash gang so they hired the best sniper shooter company THE SWAT FORCE to defeat them and you are leading Commando of the force in this mission.

Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission: Shooting Game 2k19 is the brand new, realistic action 3D shooting game, This is the most successful FPS and TPS 3D sniper shooting game on the planet earth. Enjoy best sniper game with modern warfare missions, it will takes you on a quick tour of the criminal underworld, so become the ultimate shooter and protect all of humanity.This is the Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game and gives you the chance to be the hero. You have to kill shot the enemies as they are real cause of this terrorism in Gambia. This is very aggressive mission so now you have to use your tactical & shooting skills against the criminals.Use your sniper shooting anger in a useful way and show your Special forces skills & real action sniper skills. You have access to a variety of light and heavy Sniper Riffles specially provided for wars, like G7 SCOUT, LONGBOW, TRIPLE TAKE and

It is your duty to fight and help bring the peace back to industrial area of Gambia and eliminate the enemy armies that have taken over. Get into the best sniping position and scope out the under covered area for any groups of gangsters that are patrolling in the hub, take aim and fire at them, chase them down and kill them all. Once you've have taken out one of their comrades, they will fire back at you with full power in order to take revenge, be brutal and make every bullet count. Play as a last world war hero to recapture base.

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Realistic 3D graphics with outstanding animations
Slow Motion Shooting
Map direction to navigate
Different characters to select
Amazing gun battles to destroy real enemies
Unlock tons of new sniper rifles

Keep playing the Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission: Shooting Game 2k19 and give us your
feed back by rating this application.We will definitely update pro gamers by giving them new game releases.
Although this game has a cheat mode which will boost your powerful weapons and all game features
including Mission Battle Series. This game has a very attractive in app purchases with a special deals pack.

Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission-v1.0 Apk Download

Apk Download com.ugs.modern.cover.sniper.sooting.mission Android App

Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission

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Modern Cover 3D Sniper Mission-v1.0 Apk Download

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