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Here are various tutorials to modify the motor to make it faster.

How To Make Motor Faster

1. Expanding Gap of Motorcycle Rinsing
The mixture of gas and air that continues to enter the combustion chamber is very influential on the ability of motor vehicles. What must be done is to expand the room rinsing. Because not a bit of gas that goes into so well also gas density so much increased compression. But do not expand the flushing gap too wide, this factor will cause the machine quickly broken.

2. Replace Motor Gear
Replace your motorcycle gear with a smaller and lighter, this factor is done so that your motor speed becomes more balanced.

3. Add Power
The standard of electric power in motor vehicles is 6 Volt. Turn the power to 12 Volts.

4. Reduce Piston Weight
Pistons that are too heavy will make the machine work too extra. So that the motorcycle engine can work better and faster, how to reduce the weight of the piston motorcycle.

5. Ban Size
Tire size is also very influential to the performance of the engine. Continuous large tires, so would require excessive engine performance so influential also with tight iritnya motorcycle. Choose a safer standard size, because these factors affect the security and performance of the machine.

6. Rocker Arm
Rocker Arm commonly referred to as the pounding arm of the valve. This tool aims to continue the pressure from the rod to the shaft as well as selecting a good rocker arm is a lighter but stronger.

7. Reducing Volume of Fuel (Cylinder Head)
Compression of the fuel chamber greatly determines the power generated. In principle, continuously high fuel compression continues to be great also the power generated. To produce high compression in the combustion chamber, it can be done by reducing the volume of combustion chamber. In motorcycles generally, this factor is done by grinding the cylinder head so the combustion chamber is reduced and the compression increases.
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