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Be an expert in crane and car parking, following all the parking rules. Crane smart parking simulator game will enhance your car parking skills. Its a multi level smart car transporter game in which you have to transport luxury cars to their destinations in time. Car driving is a challenging task in this smart driving simulator game. In a real city environment with heavy traffic on roads, driver needs to drive the car safely to the crane. In this multi story car parking crane game, driver will drive the car to the crane. Next step is to park the car into the crane safely in car parking simulator games. With transporter truck, driver will move the crane to the parking destinations and transport vehicles.

This smart crane parking simulator games has several levels with different luxurious sports cars and transport missions. Multi story crane is challenging to drive but with smooth and easy controls, driver can easily operate the parking crane. While driving, try not to hit or damage the driving cars to avoid level failure. This smart crane simulator crane has a series of fancy cars which are needed to be taken to the multi story parking crane. When the driver has parked the car into the smart crane, then he has to join the crane to the transporter truck. Cope up with all the auto parking problems to complete the levels.

Unlock several luxury cars, including sports cars and multi story big cranes by finishing the levels. In driving simulator games, engine is very technical to operate especially when it's loaded with multiple driving cars. The crane will move with the help of the transporter truck in smart crane simulator game. Once you’ve loaded the truck, transport the cars to their destinations following the map. Operate the parking machine carefully to avoid any damage to the loaded cars. Follow the checkpoints and simple parking instructions on the screen and win the levels to unlock lavish vehicles and big parking cranes. There are multiple car transport missions in this parking car transporter simulator game including luxury sports cars. For more, check out the Multi Car Parking Mania: Smart Crane Driving Games features,

• Realistic heavy duty crane with smart car vending machine
• Multiple challenging levels
• Amazing car parking controls
• Series of luxury cars
• Realistic open world city environment
• HD 3D graphics with thrilling engine sounds
• Learn thrilling smart parking

Download smart car parking crane & play the best multi storey car parking game!

Crazy Car Transport Truck 3d Latest Version Free Apk Download

Crazy Car Transport Truck 3dLatest Version Apk Download

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Crazy Car Transport Truck 3d

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Crazy Car Transport Truck 3dLatest Version Apk Download

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