My Horoscope -v5.14.5.16

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Detailed astrological predictions available for all of the zodiac signs and their 3 decanates

♈ Aries
♉ Taurus
♊ Gemini
♋ Cancer
♌ Leo
♍ Virgo
♎ Libra
♏ Scorpio
♐ Sagittarius
♑ Capricorn
♒ Aquarius
♓ Pisces

Get your horoscope or that of your friends as a daily PUSH Message at a requested time !

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★ The content isn't downloaded at every launch but only as needed
★ 7 days horoscope
★ Calculate your sign
★ Multi language
★ Added option to remove advertising

Yearly horoscope for 2022

My Horoscope -v5.14.5.16 Free Apk Download

My Horoscope-v5.14.5.16 Apk Download

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My Horoscope

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My Horoscope-v5.14.5.16 Apk Download

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