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Surely the womenfolk often or ever heard of the name Nail Art? Nail art is the art of painting nails by painting nails using special nail polish material that is a member of a picture or painting or decoration either directly on the nail or plastic nails that are adjusted to the size of the nail. Nail art is very different from tattoos on the body because tattoos use needles that tend to hurt the human body. Ladies, now Nail Art is not only infecting socialites such as celebrities but also starting to infect housewives and teenage girls. Actually the benefits of Nail Art are not just to add beauty but also as a form of self-expression of a woman today in order to appear more fashionable, modern look and attract the attention of Adam.

History records that the origins of Nail Art derive from the term Mahendi, used synonymously for boyfriends (inai), derived from Sanskrit namely Mehandika. Nail Art not only takes the object of the nail on the fingers but also toenails that are guaranteed no less interesting results. For Ladies who have never tried Nail Art, look carefully, it turns out there are various types of Nail Art. First is nail art nail polish, namely nail arts that use nail polish only. The second type is nail art stone, which is nail art decorated with unique and colorful small rocks. Then for the third type is called acrylic nail art as decoration on the nails. The advantages of acrylic nail art in addition to beautifying nails also cover the shortcomings of the owner of the nail. Unique is not it? For the technique used when "executing" the owner of the nail using a manual paint technique where the nail art artist directly paints and creates and there is an air brush technique using a small compressor machine.

The following application displays several nail art paintings, which may be suitable and you can imitate.
Hopefully it is useful for adding insight into our art.

Nail Art -v2.0 Free Apk Download

Nail Art-v2.0 Apk Download

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Nail Art

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Nail Art-v2.0 Apk Download

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