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Using a tie will make a person look more stylish and increase the level of gallantry. Ties are used not only for formal events and activities, while relaxing outside the home you can wear, especially working in an office and living in downtown.
Indeed if at a glance, using a tie is an easy thing to do, but if not used, we will be confused when wearing it. , the following tutorial uses a tie of various node models with pictures and videos that you can learn.

1. How to Install Four In Hand Knot Ties
Named after Century Gentleman's Club of the same name, Four-in-Hand is the defending champion of a tie node. Its popularity comes from its simplicity and flexibility. It's easy to bind, lean, tapered, somewhat asymmetric and self-releasing . If you only learn one node, make it Four-in-Hand .

2. How to Use a Half Windsor Knot Tie
The Half Windsor knot works perfectly for a fairly formal situation. The triangular node shows the proportions and adds a little vertical height to the face. The smaller symmetrical node also praises the medium-sized face.

3. How to Wear a Full Windsor Knot Tie
It has a very large triangle that complements the collar or collar. This knot is a knot to break away, which means undoing it, all you have to do is pull the narrow end through the knot.
When properly tied the knot is secure and tight and can not be separated from the collar when worn. The knot creates a comfortable space between the collar and the neck while holding the tie in place. The Full Windsor form is similar to Half Windsor , but 25% larger than the Half-Windsor node .

4. How to Use Nicky Knot Tie

Nicky uses a relatively small length, which makes it a good choice for tall men or men with ties that are a touch on the short side.
It makes a knot thicker than the one in the hand, and one with a symmetrical look (although in mathematical terms it is not, technically, a symmetric node, as it has more "movement" on one side than the other).
5. How To Wear a Butterfly Tie

For beginners, it is advisable to practice tie a butterfly bow around your thighs because it has a circumference that is approximately the same as your neck but is clearly visible.
The bow tie is best paired with a nice spreading collar and should not be worn with a down-button collar. Men with bigger faces will look better with wider wings while narrow-faced men should choose a slimmer look.
Check out the tutorial video using the bow tie below

6. How to Use a Kelvin Knot Tie

Kelvin's knot is named for William Thompson, The Lord Kelvin , the nineteenth-century scientist best known for his work in thermodynamics. The knot is a more modern invention, and will never be worn by Lord Kelvin; It was named in honor of his contribution to the early mathematical knot theory.
As a smaller node, Kelvin works well when you have a bit of free time to work with, and may require a thicker tie to fill it. Tied in a very light and narrow tie, he can tighten it until it looks very small, making the head of the wearer look unattractive.

7. How to Use Oriental Leopard Tie
Simple nodes are easily fastened, requiring relatively small number of tie lengths, and creating symmetrical nodes. When pulled tight it can appear rather small, so it is most suitable for men with narrow faces and small collars spread.
Old-fashioned parents might also call this a "schoolboy node," and prevent its use with adult clothing.
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