NecroLand : Battle Royale (clo -v5

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* 'NecroLand : Battle Royale' is currently in development.

In the early twenty-second century, the war that turned everything on land into sand had spread around the world. People had moved underground and deep into the ocean to escape the war. However, most people left on the ground lost their reason to live, and their bodies had mutated in becoming the undead. The never-ending war caused people to run out of resources and it sill continued turning the undead into warriors.

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You can control the experimental creature, "Alpha" and use 'Taming Skill' to revive "Undead" as our ally "Warrior". You must survive to the last minute by moving away from the incoming harmful gas and defeating all the enemies you meet.

NecroLand : Battle Royale (clo -v5 Free Apk Download

NecroLand : Battle Royale (clo-v5 Apk Download

Apk Download lab.janus.necrobr Android App

NecroLand : Battle Royale (clo

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NecroLand : Battle Royale (clo-v5 Apk Download

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