Neon Drop | Escape Game -v1.5

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With this application you can spend long periods of entertainment, playing to avoid and collect points in an infinite universe of possibilities and feeling very relaxed with its simple design and meditative music. This game is inspired by the Neon colors of the lamps that were a hit in sales in the nineties. It is set in a deep space where you will have to avoid the enemies and color bars that approach you, because if you reach your neon drop exploded and will be scattered in thousands of drops smaller and finish the game, but quiet, you can play as many times as you want and the best does not end thousands and thousands of hours of free entertainment.

This game also has a score count, which stores the highest score in the device, the score is increased by collecting orange neon squares, but careful these squares can also explode if they collide with the pink walls, so hurry but do not explode you also in the attempt.

Remember to teach your friends your maximum score as it is a very difficult achievement to reach high scores, enemies will do the impossible so you can not progress and gradually it will become more difficult to keep your drop safe, and collect points. But don't get obsessed play to have fun and have a good time, you can always not collect points and just dodge and thus not feel the need to get a higher score.

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– Weight less than 25MB
– Saving Maximum Score
– Simple and pleasant design
– Motivating soundtrack
– Futuristic colours
– Simple and direct controls
– Spectacular effects

What do you do here even reading download this game and start playing alone so you can enjoy this incredible experience. And if you like it a lot remember to show it to a friend and play with it.

Neon Drop | Escape Game -v1.5 Free Apk Download

Neon Drop | Escape Game-v1.5 Apk Download

Apk Download com.MattiaLaSpina.Drop Android App

Neon Drop | Escape Game

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Catgory Action
version 1.5
Neon Drop | Escape Game-v1.5 Apk Download

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