Ninja fight -v1.2.0

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Game ninja fight is an action games, one of the best fighting games
With ninja fighting games, ninja can run, jump, go to attacks zombies, devil, monsters. Warrior ninja games
We believe that, this is one of the best ninja games, action game and addicting games for you.
This game ninja, you will be a heroes and ninja fighting games will take you through series of classic levels, each level is a battle, war of nija, various enemies and boss battles with amazing experience of battle games
In the ninja fighting games, there are a lot of battles, that like ninja war. In ninja fight, there are more actions for you to fight enemies. Ninja run and go to fight against lot of monsters, zombies, devil with nija and also use special skill to attack enemies.

You can collect more energy ball and items to get powerful weapons

Ninja fight is an action ninja games. In ninja fight game, ninjas will fight against lot of zombies, monsters, devil
In this fast paced ninja game, your task is to fight against the zombies, monsters kill the king of monsters, zombies, collecting more energy ball and items to get powerful weapons

* Features:
– 30+ levels: zombie, beast & more
– 5+ maps
– Global leader board & achievement
– Different kind of enemies. Challenging boss fights
– Fast pace and simple control
– Different kinds of weapons to attack
– Amazing graphics and sounds.
– 5 characters of ninjas for choosing: you will be heroes with each character
– Shop with a lot of equipment

* Skill:
– Jump
– Go/run
– Splash
– Attack
– Dash

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* How to player
– Select character
– Select Zones
– Unlock equipment
– Move, run, go: left and right
– Slash, jump and using special skills

We are also improving the game and make more kind of ninja games with more experience for player.

Let's download ninja games to fight monsters, zombies now!

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Ninja fight

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Ninja fight-v1.2.0 Apk Download

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