Noodlez – Draw Doodles and Pai -v1.4

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Noodlez is a painting app for making dazzling finger-paint artworks and kaleidoscopic patterns.

It provides drawing tools like circles, squares, straight lines, freehand lines and arcs. Different line types includes filled, neon and dotted either colored or rainbow type. Choose between three different line thicknesses.

Noodlez promotes creativity and artistic skills as well as develop the child's fine motor skills and coordination.

Noodlez enables you to draw patterns and mandelas just like using a Spirograph.

Noodlez strength lies in its ability to combine all these tools making the possibilities almost endless.

Making mirrored patterns or doodles is a core feature of Noodlez. Choose either vertical, horizontal or circular mirroring, move the anchor to the desired location and draw – the result is marvelous, resulting in beautiful designs no matter how you move your fingers.

Try the circular mirror with neon, rainbow effect and dots and see watch an amazing night sky unfold with rainbow stars in a beautiful pattern.

Noodlez is designed for creative souls, its simplistic design makes it really easy and simple for kids to use and all relevant tools are available at your fingertips.

Drawing patterns is an amusing, stimulating, meditative and calming pastime for all ages. Mirrored doodles or patterns enables everybody to draw marvelous artworks no matter what you draw, it always turns out beautiful. Even toddlers will be able to use this feature and witness the wonders of their skills.

Any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Noodlez – Draw Doodles and Pai -v1.4 Free Apk Download

Noodlez – Draw Doodles and Pai-v1.4 Apk Download

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Noodlez – Draw Doodles and Pai

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Noodlez – Draw Doodles and Pai-v1.4 Apk Download

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