NutryLand -v1.7.1.2

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Recommended Requirements:
* 8-core processor, 4 x 2GHz y 4 x 2GHz.
* Ram: 4 GB.

NutryLand is an arcade/adventure style shooting game with 2.5D graphics, i.e. with 3D elements and a 2D playable environment. The heroes of a healthy world must defend their planet from an imminent invasion, carried out by evil forces that only wish to intoxicate all the inhabitants of the galaxy.

NutryLand features:
1) 9 heroes: normal, mythical and legendary. Each hero has different characteristics and powers.
2) Map of the planet NutryLand: includes 10+ re-playables levels.
3) More than 30 unlockable awards, such as: historical medals, heroes and music.
4) More than 50 achievements of Google Play Games.
5) World leaderboards for each level of the game.
5) 2 game modes:
a. Terrestrial Defense: You must protect NutryLand with healthy turrets.
b. Air defense: based on the classic arcade spaceship game style.
6) Saved in the cloud, this way you can save your progress and play on different devices with your same account without losing your game progress.
7) Available languages: Spanish and English.
8) Added heroic missions!

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In addition to the above NutryLand has much more content to discover! It's time to be a galactic hero and fight for healthy living! You must defeat the toxic beings of the junk squad to save the world.

1) In the market you can access the roulette, where you can get Nutrypoints, Nutrydiamonds and Nutrypieces.
2) You can exchange 1000 Nutripoints for 1 Nutrydiamond. You must go to the roulette section.
3) The more advanced levels are difficult to complete with the initial characters. Unlock heroes and increase your chances of success!
4) Some heroes are better for level A and others for level B.

Contact Email: [email protected]

NutryLand -v1.7.1.2 Free Apk Download

NutryLand-v1.7.1.2 Apk Download

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NutryLand-v1.7.1.2 Apk Download

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