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First of all, what is origami? The word “origami” came to us from the Japanese language and means “folded paper”. As a child, many of us studied in the garden and school, how to make origami from paper. And not in vain! It turns out that when we make origami with our own hands, it carries a lot of benefits:

We develop creative abilities;
Develop fine motor skills of hands;
We develop spatial thinking;
Improve concentration;
Learn to work consistently (all our lessons are step-by-step origami instructions);
Improve the quality of the brain hemispheres;
Relieve stress (origami has a calming effect);
We get aesthetic pleasure and have a good time!

But it would seem, “so that there is a piece of paper to fold!” but once you try to fold the figure of paper, you will not notice that in front of you is a whole collection of flying airplanes or a variety of paper figures.

Our app is a free collection of instructions on how to make origami with your own hands. Together with us you will learn how to make more than 20 kinds of paper airplanes, how to make origami animals and many other crafts: paper birds, paper insects, paper flowers, paper animals, paper airplanes, paper dinosaurs and a bunch of other paper crafts.

Our app “How to make origami from paper – diagrams step by step” is absolutely free! No money, no coins, no additional payments – all origami paper schemes are completely FREE!

Our app is very easy to use. Press the “Install” button, and while the application will be downloaded, stock up on paper and get ready to dive into the world of origami with our application “How to make origami from paper schemes step by step”! 😉

Origami paper – scheme -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Origami paper - scheme-v1.2 Apk Download

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Origami paper – scheme

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Origami paper - scheme-v1.2 Apk Download

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