Outlaw – Real-Time Shooting Ga -v7.9.2

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Zepetto master of shooting game
New mobile game "Outlaw" released!
The first mobile game! Real-time battle shooting game

▶ Get victory by battling with physical
Speciality in PvP shooting and system battle like one harmony
Win a battlefield that filled with brutal rapid bullets!

▶ About 50 skills for strategical victory
Strategical deck building is important for a perfect victory
Get victory by building your own deck!

▶ 5 Outlaws
Five outlaws with different abilities and Special Skill!
Check out and choose the Special Skill according to the outlaw's characteristic!

▶ Single play
Avoid Bullets, Defense, and Boss Battle mode!
To avoid bullets, catch octopuses and hunt bosses
Feel the fun of killing three birds with one stone at various game modes!

▶ Battle alone or together
1vs1: Choose your own 4 skills and destroy your opponent!
2vs2: Choose 3 skills and destroy your opponents through team play!

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▶ Special mode with limited time
Star Catcher: Defeat your opponents to earn stars! Win a lot of stars in limited time to win!
Bonus deck: 1 skill is given as a bonus. Start an indiscriminate battle with your opponent with a total of 5 skills!
Rage: 2x damage, 2x cooldown! Survive on a terrifying battlefield!

[Outlaw Official Community]
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Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Outlawglobal/
Official Homepage : https://outlaw.zepetto.com
Official Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8iIut538nr1TBd9zzM3I2Q?view_as=subscriber

■ Customer Service ■
Customer Service : https://outlaw.zepetto.com

Privacy Policy : https://outlaw.zepetto.com/policy/privacy
Terms of Service : https://outlaw.zepetto.com/policy/terms
Operation Policy : https://outlaw.zepetto.com/policy/operation

Outlaw – Real-Time Shooting Ga -v7.9.2 Free Apk Download

Outlaw - Real-Time Shooting Ga-v7.9.2 Apk Download

Apk Download com.zepetto.theoutlaw Android App

Outlaw – Real-Time Shooting Ga

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version 7.9.2
Outlaw - Real-Time Shooting Ga-v7.9.2 Apk Download

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