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Take a photo, then paint it with this fun and useful app. Make the world your coloring book. Here are some ideas:
*Planning to repaint the walls in your house? Snap a photo of the room. Then, open the photo in this app, and quickly repaint the walls until you find a color you like.
*Take a selfie photo of you and your friends. Then, change your clothing color or hair color; add tattoos or facial hair.
*Take a picture in the park, in the summer. Then, repaint it to look like an autumn scene.
Tap "New Picture" in the menu to choose a picture from the Photo Gallery that you want to paint. You will be painting a copy of the original photo.
Tap "Color" in the menu to chose your paint color. Move the slide bars until you see the color you like. Tap, the "Chosen" button to change to this new color.
Tap the photo, and an area of similar colors are replaced with your new color.
If you want the "area of similar colors" to spread farther, tap "Sensitivity" in the menu. Use the slide bar to increase the sensitivity value. Tap, the "Set New Sensitivity Value" button. Now when you paint, a wider range of colors like the old color will be replaced by the new color.
When you want to paint a small area of the picture, tap "Zoom" in the menu. Then, use two-finger pinch and one-finger slide motions to magnify that area. Exit zoom mode by tapping "Paint" or "Draw" in the menu.
If you need to fill in gaps, or want to draw on your photo, tap "Draw Mode" in the menu. Slide one finger on the picture to draw lines.
If you want to paint using a color you see somewhere in the picture, tap "Picker" in the menu. Then, touch the spot in the picture to pick the color you want to use.
When results please you, you should save your work often, by tapping "Save Changes" in the menu.
If you don't like the last paint or draw action, tap "Undo" in the menu to remove it. You only get to undo the most recent action.
However, you can undo all your work back to the last time you tapped "Save Changes," by tapping "Discard Changes" in the menu. Or, you can undo all changes by reloading the photo via "New Picture."
Before you move on to a new picture, be sure to tap "Export Picture" in the menu–otherwise, all your work will be lost when the new picture loads. Give your artwork a new name, and click the "Save" button. Your artwork now resides in the Photo Gallery. From there, share it with your friends. WARNING: don't use the same name as a picture already in the gallery, or the old picture will be deleted. The resolution of your new picture will not be as good as the old picture.
The answer to most "why" questions about this app is: each app is given a limited amount of memory space in Android. Also, code execution can be slow. The default size of a photo on my phone is 6 million pixels. I make 2 extra copies of this, for "undo", etc. So now, we are up to18 million pixels. With no compression, each pixel requires 4 bytes, so now we would need 72 million bytes. Imagine the speed and memory requirements you would need to analyze 72 million bytes, one at a time, and decide whether or not to change them.

Paint Your World -v2.0 Free Apk Download

Paint Your World-v2.0 Apk Download

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Paint Your World

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Paint Your World-v2.0 Apk Download

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