Paintball shooting war game: -v1.120

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Grab your guns and fight! With Xtreme Paintball War you get to fight zombies and soldier AI.
You get to choose what character you want to have. 3 teams, in team zombie there are skins too! Start a destruction with RPGs and more.
You can choose your server you wish: Europe, Asia…

Play with friends and people around the world. You can also create private servers. Fight all types of zombies: normal to boss. Every gun at your disposal

Multiplayer features: Gameplay with friends And choose from: Deathmatch, Teamdeatmach, Free for all, zombie ( you can choose between zombies and soldiers)
and fight soldiers!

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Options: Change your sensitivity and your graphics

Singleplayer features:
A campaign and new types of zombies await you to defeat them, Play different and unique maps.
And also play game modes! the missions include them randomly, Fight zombies and defeat soldiers, features to play as a zombie in one of the missions!

Paintball shooting war game: -v1.120 Free Apk Download

Paintball shooting war game:  -v1.120 Apk Download

Apk Download com.XtremePaintballWars.mutiplayer Android App

Paintball shooting war game:

package id com.XtremePaintballWars.mutiplayer
Rating 4
Catgory Action
version 1.120
Paintball shooting war game:  -v1.120 Apk Download

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