Pattern Men Suit -v6.0

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For those of you who love to sew, this app is for you. App contain pattern men suit

Suit is an official European dress, long-sleeved and worn outside the shirt. A suit (English: suit) or simply called a suit consists of at least a suit and a pair of pants made from the same fabric. Based on the number of buttons on the front, the suit consists of a single breasted coat and double breasted button coat.
Design variations of suit, model, fabric type, vest, and number of buttons on the front show social function and clothing.
Suits are made on the basis of orders, before the material is cut, tailors make a coat pattern to fit the body

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Pattern Men Suit -v6.0 Free Apk Download

Pattern Men Suit-v6.0 Apk Download

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Pattern Men Suit

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Pattern Men Suit-v6.0 Apk Download

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