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Perfect Earth Animals is a super fun outdoor activity. This game allows you to collect animal cards on your phone. It is a kind of treasure hunt, in which you constantly discover new animal cards in natural areas, during a pleasant hike.

You discover fun facts about the animals through the collected animal cards. If you collect multiple cards of the same animal, you can use them to 'upgrade' the card. This way you can eventually upgrade each animal card to 5 stars. And with every new star you unlock an extra fact about the animal.

In Perfect Earth Animals you get a random animal card every day as a gift. But you can collect even more animal cards, in different ways:

1. You collect animal cards by navigating to specific locations in nature reserves. A map in the game allows you to discover the closest animal cards. If you come within 50 meters (~55 yards) of such a location, you can collect the animal card. The nice thing is that you collect animal cards of animals that actually live there.

2. If you are not near a nature reserve, you can also collect animal cards by just going for a walk in the area. For every kilometer (0.6 miles) you walk you will receive an animal card, up to 5 per day. This way you stay fit and your collection grows considerably.

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3. You can also collect animal cards by unlocking achievements in the game. This way you progress even faster.

4. Duplicate cards can be recycled to get new cards. For 3 duplicate cards you will receive 1 new card of the same rarity.

Have fun in the beautiful nature and good luck with collecting more than 150 different animals.

Perfect Earth Animals -v1.1.1 Free Apk Download

Perfect Earth Animals-v1.1.1 Apk Download

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Perfect Earth Animals

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Perfect Earth Animals-v1.1.1 Apk Download

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