Phantom Asteroids -v1.4.6

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A bullet-hell style game but with an in-depth and exciting twist. There are tons of upgrades and customization to help destroy those pesky asteroids and the giant mega-ships that will surely crush you!

Blast those asteroids out of existence with 10 unique weapons

The classic Laser, this one is not for mining though.
The mage's old magical Mage Orb.
The trusty scrap Shotgun.
A Flamethrower in SPACE, a Spacethrower!
The Rocket Launcher is here for when things get serious!

And when you need more, the reinforcements arrive!

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Use a Mega Laser with pinpoint accuracy to melt through your foes!
Sprinkle some mini grenades to pepper the enemy.
BOOM The cannon has the power to wipe out an entire group with ease!
Target acquired, firing the single-shot missile!
Targets locked launching burst missiles for maximum effect!

There's plenty of upgrading to be done, and plenty of asteroids to destroy!

So what will your High score be?

while this might break the cool description, I want to put a public note in here. This game is currently developed by one person as a hobby. I understand there is probably plenty of issues, from visual scaling or minor bugs here and there. I try my best to make this game as fun as possible, and I would love to hear both your suggestions and bug reports because when things are pointed out to help make the game more enjoyable for everyone, it makes me very happy that people can have fun, and I can help make that fun better for them! Either way, happy gameplay everyone.

Phantom Asteroids -v1.4.6 Free Apk Download

Phantom Asteroids-v1.4.6 Apk Download

Apk Download com.GuardianGames.PhantomAsteroids Android App

Phantom Asteroids

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Catgory Action
version 1.4.6
Phantom Asteroids-v1.4.6 Apk Download

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