Pirate Polygon Caribbean Sea -v1.16

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"Pirate Ships on Caribbean Sea Polygon" is a single player pirate adventure. Offline RPG action war game in Caribbean 3d open world with pirates and single player campaign. Help captain to find his lost treasure. Epic pirate adventure in the pirates island, pirate characters, and warships in sea polygon created in low poly art 3D.

Pirate game Features:
– AAA console-quality cartoon game.
– An epic pirate big battle for the Caribbean Sea.
– Low poly art 3D graphics with beautiful sea polygon.
– Pirate characters, warships, and pirate city on the sea polygon.
– Offline RPG action war game.
– This pirate game have a single player campaign.
– Pirates island and unlimited open world of Caribbean sea. Actually you can meet other thieves
– Well optimized RPG game, even for weak devices.
– Addictive gameplay like from the best pirate games and endless fun.
– Join to ship battle and win fight for the treasure pirate
– Because the sea has many other thieves you must try very hard to rule this world!
– Fly the black flag in the new lands!

Old captain from pirates island:
Fantasy pirate character – the captain want to find his lost treasure. Between human skulls and the bones, captain makes his way to return the stolen treasure. Doubloon by doubloon, the coin to coin, the old captain finds his stolen treasure and carefully defers until better times.

About atrocities of the great captain knows the land and sea polygon. And of course, the Governor of the island will not allow you to pace his land. Try to make new rules here!

Cute Pirate enemies:
– Island Governor
– Island Soldier
– Old pirate
– Deckhand
– Gentleman

Pirate game modes:
"Pirate Ships on Caribbean Sea Polygon" has two addictive game modes. In the free to play mode, you are not required to carry out any quests or tasks. In free to play mode, you just play in huge open world located on the pirates island. You will be on your own and have the right to do anything. Explore unlimited pirate open world.
Offline RPG game with single-player campaign mode full of various tasks and quests. For completing tasks and quests you will get experience and money. For treasure and gold obtained during exploration sea polygon, you can buy new guns and weapons.
Customize a pirate weapon to make it more effective in pirate combat. Buy a pirate hat with black flag and skull to show your opponents who are the captain!

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Join to pirates island and use a pirates weapons:
– Bomb
– Cutlass
– Rapier
– Sabre
– Dagger
– Musketpistol
– Blunderbuss

Сartoon low poly art graphic:
Low poly war game in open world in cute cartoon style with dozens of models of pirate characters. Detailed pirate city and game characters, perfectly traced models of a pirate weapon. Pay a little attention to the Caribbean world that we have built for you. We made sure that you get aesthetic pleasure, even when you do not do anything.

Every fan of pirate games will love the ship battle that we have constructed especially for you. Check how to prove yourself in the role of a pirate captain and lead your crew to victory.

Pirate games is not only about competition but also about having fun. By choosing our game you will have access to several campaign modes and unlimited entertainment. Our open world games are more than just a game .. it's a lot of fun guaranteed. Take the wheel of the ship and fly the black flag in the new land!

Join to this pirate game and explore the sea polygon and make new rules on a pirates island. Everyone knows that the sea still has many other thieves. Beat them in pirate battle! Don't wait anymore and have fun with this RPG game! Ship battle is waiting for you!

Pirate Polygon Caribbean Sea -v1.16 Free Apk Download

Pirate Polygon Caribbean Sea-v1.16 Apk Download

Apk Download polygon.pirate.low.poly.ship.island.world.caribbean.sea.captain.treasure.adventure Android App

Pirate Polygon Caribbean Sea

package id polygon.pirate.low.poly.ship.island.world.caribbean.sea.captain.treasure.adventure
Rating 2.8333333
Catgory Action
version 1.16
Pirate Polygon Caribbean Sea-v1.16 Apk Download

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