PIX Drive Design 4.0 -v1.2

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PIX Drive Design App is the latest edition of drive calculation utility, aimed at enhancing the user experience when designing Belt Drives.

Functional Components:

Four separate functional components enable user convenience in meeting their following design objectives:

1. Two-Pulley Drive calculation
2. Multi-Pulley Drive calculation
3. Drive set-up configuration
4. ODS (Optimal Drive selector)

There are several other enhancements to expand the overall effectiveness of the software in terms of functionality, speed, and range of solutions.

Product Characteristics filter: Before calculating new drive parameters, the software now allows the user to narrow down and identify the most application-specific Belt in terms of the desired Belt attributes such as Power Rating, Operating Temperature, Dynamic Elongation Resistance, Resistance to Shock Load.

Two Pulley Drive design: The user can select the optimum pulley based on shaft diameter or select standard pulley range to do the quick belt design calculation.

Multi-Pulley Drive design capability: The user can now design Drives comprising of multiple pulleys with this new utility by specifying the drive layout with pulley coordinates along with other technical inputs such as 'span length', 'arc of contact', 'direction of pulley rotation', etc. The resulting Drive layout is mapped and displayed with critical Drive details allowing the user to visually verify the Drive aspects.

Drive set-up parameters: Drive setup data such as tensioning values, drive centre distance, Belt pitch length, among others, could now be obtained at just the press of a button.

The “Optimal drive selector” design to demonstrate the benefits of more advance product offered by PIX, offering user defined compelling argument for cost of ownership visa-a-vis the cost of procurement.

The Drive design generates a detailed report to help you select the right belt for your machine. You can design the drive for all major belt types like V-Belt, Poly-V Belts & Timing Belts.

PIX Drive Design 4.0 -v1.2 Free Apk Download

PIX Drive Design 4.0-v1.2 Apk Download

Apk Download com.pixtrans.DriveDesign Android App

PIX Drive Design 4.0

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PIX Drive Design 4.0-v1.2 Apk Download

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