Police chase. Cars rally game -v1.8

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Welcome to vigilante rallie drift a race game of cars run away, avoid and escape from the police , drive free racing cars and escape the cops. Driving game where destroy everything will be your weapon to flee from the police. All games drive cars with steering wheel with gears and everything. Do your best to drive those crazy cars and avoid getting caught. Drift extreme, Vigilante chase drift: video game for children and very funny Run, destroy and escape! Run away from cops and policecars

Vehicles with weapons, games to escape from the cops and get money, no need to rob banks. Simulation of driving by road, with supersports, 4×4, buses and many more cars. What are you waiting for to get all the models?

How to drift in this chase game with 8 different cars

In this totally free game for Android devices you must drive as in any of the Drive car games, destroy with or without steering wheel Endless races. There is no traffic because the police have evicted everything to catch you, you know run away from the police! And get spare parts, weapons and big explosions.

You know, drift, racing with Bmws, camaros and buses, more than 10 vehicles to raze and destroy absolutely everything. Drift of cars, bikes, motorcycles. Legends of skidding and Japanese drifters will be the envy of your piloting. Necessary skills to run away from the police, make skids with the autos versus cops.

What will you find at drifty rallie?

A racing game in which you have to escape from the police while destroying the city. This chase game is a lot of fun because every object in the city can be destroyed.

To destroy them, you have three different weapons at your disposal. Steal money, get weapons, repair your car, try to survive and escape the police!

The key is to be the fastest with the wheel, driving on the road and being very skillful and fast. Earn a lot of money to buy new cars, which can be faster, stronger, longer lasting, more agile. Choose the one that best suits your driving style. It's a car game without wifi, totally for children

Clean up the police road with your guns! Enjoy this absolute, frenetic and addictive demolition race game.

Who can play this rallies game?

This game is perfect for those who love driving games and racing games. With a dynamic gameplay style, you'll have fun playing vs. the police and destroying everything. But this game is not recommended for children, as you will find some violence against the police and some weapons. Remember the game of watchful play 8? Well, you'll love it. Race cars game and fleeing from inimitable cops

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Weapons available

– Missiles: Destroy cops in a small area
– Wave: Great pulse that destroys everything in its path
– Machine gun: Shoot police cars very quickly to destroy them.

Available vehicles:

More than 8 cars available, each with different attributes:

Características main

Overtake rallie – escape race game – police & cops

Who is this game designed for with its features and related themes? For those who love:

Smash cars and cities

Vigilante chase drift. Drive, destroy, escape cops. Driving games to escape from police cops cars for kids

Vigia chase drift: avoid police, escape, run away from cops!

Play now: Overtake rallie – escape race game – police & cops. Overtake gasoline rallie: driving race games, escape cops, police formula 1 car

Police chase. Cars rally game -v1.8 Free Apk Download

Police chase. Cars rally game-v1.8 Apk Download

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Police chase. Cars rally game

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Police chase. Cars rally game-v1.8 Apk Download

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