Prison Escape 2020 – Jail Esca -v1

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If you have a jail escape fighting passion and love to play Jail break games, play this new lockup escape beat Em up fighting game. In the new prison jail escape games, you are a life sentenced prisoner who is imprisoned world most notorious jail without any crime. You are bored with the prisoner life and want to escape from jail in the prisoner escape games. For the real jail escape in the jail survival games, carry a jail break operation like a professional criminal. Be ready for the grand prison breakout mission of the jail break action game. Beat Em up fighting game has unlimited martial art fighting challenges for the prisoner kung fu warrior.
For your safe escape from the jail, break the death cell in the jailbreak games. You are in the prison cell where criminals fighting each other. Beat the prison inmate fighters and lockup fighting rivals for the prison survival mission games. You need outstanding jail escape fighting skills for the prison break survival games. To knockdown opponent karate jail prisoners, make hard combos and combat attack on your enemy prisoner rivals of city jail games. Defeat kung fu fighters or dangerous prison fighters during real fighting battles in the prison lockdown – jail escape fighting games 2020. Use boxing, karate, and kung fu training of martial art champion for the prison breakout games. If you have escaped from lockup, you will be a prison hero of the martial art champions with this prison beat Em up fighting game.
jail security in the prison game is very tight. Make the best new jail break plan for the central city prison escape mission of the police jail escape games. Fight enemies and sergeants in the prison escape battle games to escape the prison. Be careful from the security cameras and jail superintendent for a safe escape from the jail and survival missions of the jail escape games. By beating police sergeants, prison run & fighting enemies in the police jail games, accomplish perfect jail escape mission of the police jailbreak games. By playing the jail escape fighting games, you will enjoy indoor lockup fights, outdoor lockup fights, sewer lockup fighting, and real martial arts fights.
Grand prison escape game Features:
● Prison breakout for the grand escape prison mission
● Prisoner escape fight for the escape fight challenge
● Many addictive action prison fights to break the jail
● Face the real kung fu fighters in the quick play mode
● An ultimate prison survival escape by the jail prisoner
● Addictive prison escape game than other prison games
● Criminal escape from jail games and city prison games
● HD graphics latest prison beat Em up fighting games
● Exciting & challenging levels for the action prison game
● Heroic kung fu king shadow fighter criminal escape games
Do you have a plan for the prison break and prisoner escape? Download this Prison Escape 2020 – Jail Escape Fighting Games now! Play this prison escape simulator game mixed of beat Em up martial art and punch boxing game. This jail prison escape game is a strategic high quality game for the jail breakout games. Complete the grand jail break prison escape mission of the impossible jail break games.

Prison Escape 2020 – Jail Esca -v1 Free Apk Download

Prison Escape 2020 - Jail Esca-v1 Apk Download

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Prison Escape 2020 – Jail Esca

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Prison Escape 2020 - Jail Esca-v1 Apk Download

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