Knights fight – chess puzzles -v1.2.47

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At the end only one knight shall survive the fight!
This game is for anybody that knows how to play Chess or for children to learn the basics of attack and how to capture pieces on the board.

The details for this game that can be played offline:
• The goal of the game is to have only one chess piece left on the board;
• The board may have more than one solution. Find the best solution for the puzzle.
• To play the game, move the pieces on the board to capture the other pieces;
• To move a piece on the board, tap or drag the piece; A blue square appears and it means it is selected or it can also mean where the piece came from when you dragged it; You can also tap on the piece that you want to capture.
You can rate individual boards from 1 to 5 stars to know how difficult the game was when you are looking at the games' history.
You can receive challenging games.

• With every move you need to capture a piece;
• Moving to an empty cell is not allowed;
• If the King is on the board, it needs to be the last piece on the board.

Premium features:
• Location to move a piece, it displays the green square for the places that a piece can be moved to. When the user selects a piece that wants to be moved, this feature will highlight the places where it can go with green square(s). This feature is helpful for children to learn how to move pieces. The first move on each game has this option free.
• Undo moves, it goes back one or more moves. You have a free undo per game. You can use this feature to not increase the number of tries it took to solve the puzzle.
• Suggestion, it shows what the next move is and if you can finish the game with the pieces on the table. You have a free undo per game.
• Remove ads, it removes the ads from the game for the price of a coffee.
You can also buy all the premium features from the game or you can subscribe.

Knights fight – chess puzzles -v1.2.47 Free Apk Download

Knights fight - chess puzzles-v1.2.47 Apk Download

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Knights fight – chess puzzles

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Knights fight - chess puzzles-v1.2.47 Apk Download

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