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Paper quilling is the art of roll paper, the results of the scrolls were assembled so as to produce a charming form.
Art paper roll has been known in Europe since the 17th century is the first name or a roll of paper filigree work. French and Italian in the country at that time, the art of paper quilling is used by the monks to decorate the ornaments of a religious nature.

While in the UK, is well known in the art of the Victorian era, the time of King George III. At that time, the king's daughter is very fond of this art so that it is known by its work roll. The daughter diligent giving gifts to friends in the form of objects that have ornate paper filigree. Gift the gift of the most famous, namely jewelry box.
From Europe, this art evolved into the American continent. Its use is no longer limited to religious ornaments, but began to be used to decorate various objects, such as jewelry boxes, furniture, trays and coasters.
In the mid 20th century, the art of paper roll is becoming known by the public with the name of paper quilling. Its beauty has made lovers of art and craft that developed it with a beautiful design and make ornaments for cards, frames, and more.

This application contains paper quilling designs that can be used as a reference point you in creating a paper quilling

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Quilling Design-v10.0 Apk Download

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Quilling Design

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Quilling Design-v10.0 Apk Download

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