Real tank battleground online -v1.5-R

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Project idea:
Tank football, two teams of 5 tanks, one player for each tank.

After downloading the mobile application, you will need to register using mail (the server is available every weekend), then enter the confirmation code that came in the mail in the “Login” window.
Then, if the game has not started yet and free tanks are visible, quickly press the “Play” button to occupy the tank, the game will determine a random tank for you in either of the two teams.

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As in the usual football we are used to, two halves are realized here, but for 5 minutes in order not to get tired to play, there are only two rules “do not break the tank” and “win”.
After all the tanks are occupied by the players, the game will start and a game screen will appear on the screen, where the image from the camera installed on the tank will be visible.
On the edges of the screen are installed “sticks” of control of the tank, on the left is control of the chassis, on the right is control of the rotation of the turret and the inclination of the muzzle, the shot button is located nearby.
Teams are divided by color, on tanks, a large flag is additionally set with the color of your team and serial number.
A “mushroom” is installed on the tank’s tower, which receives a signal of a shot from the tanks of the opponent’s team, the signal comes from an infrared lamp installed near the muzzle, so you need to aim and shoot.
What is it for, you might ask?
Getting into the opponent’s tank will temporarily turn off the “tower” or “chassis” of the opponent’s tank and you can quickly go push the ball into the gate, the goal will be counted in favor of your team, but watch the goal you can also score into your own gate, this will also be taken into account but in favor of the opposing team 🙂

Real tank battleground online -v1.5-R Free Apk Download

Real tank battleground online-v1.5-R Apk Download

Apk Download net.orionlab.tankmobileclient Android App

Real tank battleground online

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Real tank battleground online-v1.5-R Apk Download

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