Reconstruccion: war is not a g -v2

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Reconstrucción: war is not a game is a graphic adventure in which players face the usual war dilemmas. There are no good or bad people, just human beings trying to make choices while in extreme conditions. How faithfull could you stay to your principles while your own life, or the life of those who you love, is at stake?

Victoria returns to her hometown, an abandoned place that only seems inhabited by ghosts. Help her to choose between being an afraid running girl, a fearsome gun wielding warrior or a young woman that helps even her enemies… It’s all up to the paths that you choose. It is no easy task either: You will face both War’s day to day and a travel to the depths of your soul.

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1. An adventure based on true stories.
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5. Find images, videos and audio based on true historic references.

Reconstruccion: war is not a g -v2 Free Apk Download

Reconstruccion: war is not a g-v2 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Vivelab.Reconstruccion Android App

Reconstruccion: war is not a g

package id com.Vivelab.Reconstruccion
Rating 4.3492064
Catgory Adventure
version 2
Reconstruccion: war is not a g-v2 Apk Download

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