Rise of Tanks – 5v5 Online Tan -v0.24

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Rise Of Tanks [ ROT ] – The most unique real-time MOBA tank battle online game.

Join now ! Choose for yourself a unique tank, each tank class has different shoot type and abilities, mastering each tank class to dominate the battlefield and take advantage of other competitors.

3 large battlefields with beautiful weathers.

5 Tank Classes : Light, Medium, Heavy, Destroy, SPG.

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3 Game modes : 5v5 Team Battle, 5v5 Flag Capture,10 PvP Survival Mode.
And many more exciting game modes are being developed and will be updated soon.

Other features:
MVP Reward Box : Exclusive reward for the best player in the match.
Platoon: Practice or challenge with your friends.
Tank Upgrade: Enhance and upgrade your tanks.
Clan System: Place for players to chill (and much more awesome features will come later).
Camo System: Apply camo patterns on your tanks.
Cool and unique accessories : Be unique with cool accessories.
Daily Mission: Complete challenges everyday and get your rewards.

Rise of Tanks (ROT) is a combination of 3v3 and 5v5 MOBA game genres and Tank Battle Simulation Online .
The game is still under active development . We carefully read all your comment and feedback to make sure every new update will give you a better experience. Thanks for your support !

Rise of Tanks – 5v5 Online Tan -v0.24 Free Apk Download

Rise of Tanks - 5v5 Online Tan-v0.24 Apk Download

Apk Download com.starteamx6.rots Android App

Rise of Tanks – 5v5 Online Tan

package id com.starteamx6.rots
Rating 1.875
Catgory Action
version 0.24
Rise of Tanks - 5v5 Online Tan-v0.24 Apk Download

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