Sandbox City -v3.2

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Welcome to Sandbox City!

🌇 Run free and drive around in a lively city full of pedestrians, zombies, and traffic in first or third person.

🥊 Punch the zombies and 🚘 Run them over to save the population of Sandbox City!

🔫 Equip yourself with weapons to survive, such as MP-40, grenades, baseball bats, and many more to come!

🚗 Borrow one of the many AI cars, such as taxis 🚕 police cars 🚓 ambulances 🚑 vans 🚚 and more!

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💰 Earn money by killing enemies (either by melee, ranged, or roadkill) and spend it in the Shop to equip yourself with better gear.

⚙️ Customize the game's settings to your heart's content! You can adjust the graphics all the way to Ultra and you can choose the right settings to suit your device and preferences. Anything from Shadows and View Distance to Anti-Aliasing and Post Effects are adjustable on the fly!

Prevent the zombie apocaplypse!
Defend the city at all costs!
And make sure to join the community on Discord (from main menu).

Sandbox City -v3.2 Free Apk Download

Sandbox City-v3.2 Apk Download

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Sandbox City

package id com.reckoning.carragdoll
Rating 3.16
Catgory Action
version 3.2
Sandbox City-v3.2 Apk Download

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