SelfComic: Sasuke Ninja Photo -v1.2.9.1

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SelfComic – Sasuke Ninja Photo – is an ninja anime style photo editor. This is a big gift for fans of ninja manga, anime.

Do you like to become a talented shinobi, a powerful Kage or legend Ninja in famous japan manga ? Right now, you ll' be yourself hero by using this app to edit your normal photos. You will have ninja weapons in your photo like Shuriken, samehada, kusanagi … You can try hair, eyes, clothes of your favorite ninja . You can change your eye color into powerful sharingan, rinnegan of uchiha clan.

By effect – sticker collection of lightning, fire, sand, wind style jutsus … or many special skills as such as rasengan, chidori or Chibaku Tensei.

Anime emoji collection will make your photo become unique and humoruos.


✔ Collection of anime hair, clothes, items …
✔ Collection of Sharingan, Rinnegan.
✔ Collection of ninja weapon : Katana, shuriken, kunai
✔ Collection of effect: lightning, fire, aura, sand jutsus …
✔ Collection of manga frames and overlays.
✔ Cut, rotate, flip, … photo.
✔ Put text into your photo.
✔ Use brush to change color of your hair, clothes….
✔ Upload a photo from photo gallery, camera, etc
✔ Filter effects for your photo.
✔ Save photos to gallery.
✔ Share your photos via Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.

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SelfComic: Sasuke Ninja Photo -v1.2.9.1 Free Apk Download

SelfComic: Sasuke Ninja Photo-v1.2.9.1 Apk Download

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SelfComic: Sasuke Ninja Photo

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SelfComic: Sasuke Ninja Photo-v1.2.9.1 Apk Download

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