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Welcome to ShapeSwitch, a fun and easy to play reaction time game! In this skill based game you will need to test your speed, focus and reaction time as fast as possible, all while engaging in fast shape shifting fun.

How do you play?

It's very easy to understand. You have different object types, each one has its own shape and color. Match the object shape before it passes through via pressing a button on the side and change the color via tapping on the color at the bottom.

As you play this color matching app, you will try to get better and better. Every tiny mistake can mean you will not be able to play anymore, so you need to pay a lot of attention and focus as you try to win the game. ShapeSwitch pushes the boundaries of fast reaction games by bringing in a randomized game experience every time. Which means every new game is fresh and fun!

Improve your reaction time

ShapeSwitch is an intense and fun brain teasing game. It offers you one of the simplest puzzles that you can find out there, but it requires you to be really fast in solving it. And that can be a tricky thing for a lot of people. Even if it’s the easiest game in the world, the speed and precision you need to have in this reaction game are staggering. That’s what really makes the game so intense and easy at the same time.

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Endless fun

You can play the game for as much time as you want until you surpass your highest score or just can’t keep up anymore. Either way it helps you boost your reaction time naturally every time you play.

If you like action-packed change reaction games, ShapeSwitch is one of the best out there. It’s simple, creative and it brings you the desired control while also keeping the game-play fun and unique. Don’t hesitate and give ShapeSwitch a shot if you like arcade games or puzzle games. This is a game of intensity, focus and surpassing any challenges that might arise. It’s designed to constantly test your skills and attention, all while helping you evolve and become a better player. Download it and play today!

– Match shapes game experience
– Minimalist visuals
– Experience the ultimate action puzzle games
– Engaging, addictive game-play
– Easy to learn, very hard to master!

ShapeSwitch – Colors Match Gam -v0.24 Free Apk Download

ShapeSwitch - Colors Match Gam-v0.24 Apk Download

Apk Download com.BrokenTools.ShapeSwitch Android App

ShapeSwitch – Colors Match Gam

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ShapeSwitch - Colors Match Gam-v0.24 Apk Download

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