Projector – HD Video Mirroring -v1.1.47

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The Projector is a screen mirroring app that lets you mirror your phone screen on your big TV in high-quality and easily share files directly after calls. Display photos, play videos with audio & demonstrate presentations and access your calendar, notifications, and when it matters the most – during calls. Make your phone a projector for your TV.

Create video demos of your favorite mobile apps & play gameplay videos, and cast them. This app also has an in-built web browser that lets you search for any content of interest and cast it on your TV. It allows you quickly access your favorite websites. You can also select media files on your phone and cast them on your screen with Projector.

Supports multiple languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Russian etc.

How to use?

1. Install the Projector app on your phone.
2. Make sure your phone and TV/Monitor are connected to the same WiFi network.
3. Hit ‘Start’ to begin scanning for nearby TVs/Monitors.
4. Select the device you would like to mirror your screen.
5. You can stop mirroring by pressing “Stop.”

Support & FAQs

How to fix connection issues?

If your sender device and your receiver device/TV do not connect at all, we recommend the following steps:

1. Enable airplane mode for at least 10 seconds and then disable it again. This will help you rediscover the devices on your WiFi network.
2. Restart all involved devices, including your sender and receiver device/TV and WiFi router. Devices powered by cables (e.g., TVs) should be unplugged from power for at least 1 minute before reconnecting.
3. Ensure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
4. If connection issues persist, please get in touch with support at mailto:[email protected] We will try to look into it at the earliest.

New Feature Alert
WA Status Saver
Save your friend’s WA status with one tap, share it forward or use it as your status. Download any status in high-quality.

Brand New UI
We have made a good app even better with a brand new UI. This will enhance your user experience and how you interact with the app. We have tried making it beautiful, minimalist, and straightforward.

What to do when the app crashes?

If the Projector app crashes, please precise app data by going into settings. If it does not help, reinstall the app and restart your phone.

If the issue persists despite this, please get in touch with support.

Please always add crash details to your support request. This helps us to find a resolution quickly.

1. Screenshots/video clips showing the crash happening on your phone.
2. Precise textual description of the crash
3. Model number, name, and brand of the sender phone + receiver device

What to do when the screen is freezing or missing frames?

The connection can be unstable, freezing, or lost because of different scenarios. Here are some tricks to avoid problems:

1. Move your WiFi access point (or router) nearer to your sender device and your receiver device to improve the signal
2. Extend your WiFi signal by adding a WiFi repeater to your network.
3. Do not glue or otherwise attach the receiver device directly onto the surface of your TV or other devices, as this may also lead to WiFi signal interferences.


Projector – HD Video Mirroring -v1.1.47 Free Apk Download

Projector - HD Video Mirroring-v1.1.47 Apk Download

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Projector – HD Video Mirroring

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Projector - HD Video Mirroring-v1.1.47 Apk Download

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