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Shooting Stars is a fun application to spend time dodging enemies, walls or balls and collect points in order to fulfill people's wishes. In this game your objective will be to collect as many points as possible in order to fulfill the dreams of people looking to the sky in search of a shooting star.

This is a fun and addictive game that can promote you an infinite time of fun because its level has no end, try to reach the highest score and be the best star. Remember that the best result of your score will be saved in the device, so you can teach the app to a friend and boast of score.

What are shooting stars?

Shooting stars (or meteors, which is the same thing) are small particles (usually between a millimeter and several centimeters) that when entering the Earth's atmosphere at high speed are "burned" by friction (actually the brightness is due to ionization of the air around it) and produce the luminous trace that quickly crosses the sky and we call shooting star.

Its appearance is very varied. They can shine a lot or a little. Their trajectory can be short or long. Some can leave a trail a few moments and others not. They are usually quite fast (they disappear before we have time to say it!) but there are also slow ones, which can last several seconds. Sometimes they may show some color: reddish, greenish, bluish, etc. depending on the chemical composition of the meteor.

The origin of these particles is in the comets, which lose material and leave it behind.

If the particle is large (a few centimetres), the meteor will be very bright and is called a bolide. What we see shining is the ball of ionized air that surrounds them. Bolides can be spectacular for their brightness, which can make them be seen even during the day. Some may fragment during their trajectory, present flashes or small explosions, or make noise. They often leave a persistent wake for a few moments (it's the ionized air trail they leave behind), or a smoke wake. Sometimes they can shine bright enough to be seen behind the clouds, and then we'll see the clouds light up for a few moments.

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Meteors or shooting stars can be observed on any clear night, although on certain nights of the year they are more abundant (meteor showers). See more about how to observe the Perseids and other meteor showers.

Atmospheric friction is capable of burning meteors of up to several kilos. However, if a particle is too large, it may not disintegrate completely and reach the Earth's surface. The meteorite is then called a meteorite. Our planet is constantly receiving meteorites of microscopic size and larger.

Why a shooting star and not a meteorite?

In the game you move a six-pointed star because whenever someone sees a shooting star he does not think about the meteorites but about the stars as we draw them since we are children, so the game refers to a shooting star.

Is the game about aliens?

Although you are a meteorite of space the game is not about aliens but about a beautiful star that dodges obstacles to collect points. But who knows, maybe the star you're directing is attacked by alien enemies who are chasing you.

What do you do even reading and download the application and play until your fingers can not more.

Shooting Stars -v0.1 Free Apk Download

Shooting Stars-v0.1 Apk Download

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Shooting Stars

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Shooting Stars-v0.1 Apk Download

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