Shopping Supermarket Manager G -v1.1.12

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Hi Girl! Are you ready to take over the store?

In this game you can do a lot of mini games which you never could do all together in 1 game. This supermarket game for girls has a lot of mini games. What do you think of a cashier dress up, decorate a cake and pack it in, arrange all the candy, arrange the shelves of the camping gear and of course clean up the whole warehouse? Sounds like fun, let's do it!

Besides that you can play as the customer and collect all the products like fruit & vegetables, camping gear, candy, cakes (birthday, valentine, happy new year) and many more. After you collect all the right products you can scan it as the cashier!

The store has different departments:
– Fruit and vegetables
– Cakes and candies
– Camping gear
– Clean up the warehouse / stockroom
– Canteen with the lockers to dress up the cashier

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So are you ready to run the store and bring everyone to this shopping paradise?
Play now this supermarket game for girls and take over the shopping mall!

• Educational shopping game for girls and people of all ages!
• Fun and easy to play
• Beautiful graphics and child-friendly UI
• Attractive animations and sound effects
• Different shopping areas
• Many different mini games to play

Shopping Supermarket Manager G -v1.1.12 Free Apk Download

Shopping Supermarket Manager G-v1.1.12 Apk Download

Apk Download com.tgg.supermarketgameforgirls Android App

Shopping Supermarket Manager G

package id com.tgg.supermarketgameforgirls
Rating 3.52
Catgory Casual
version 1.1.12
Shopping Supermarket Manager G-v1.1.12 Apk Download

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